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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers make everyone fall in love with them because they’re super friendly.

They love playing with you and don’t get angry often. 

They are easy-going personality is something you will appreciate, as is their eagerness to please you and your family. And that is why you should own a Golden Retriever, it’s a perfect candidate to knit onto a Sweater Hound Sweater!


Benefits of Having a Golden Retriever in your life 


1. They are Eager to Please: they will always ensure that you enjoy having them around. They will willingly and enthusiastically obey your commands) and always be there for you when you need them, be it during happy or sad times, so what better way to honor them than by knitting yours into a Sweater Hound Product

 2. Great with Children: if you have kids, you would definitely want a pet that is friendly and playful. Golden Retrievers are not only cheerful around children, but they are also equally gentle as well. 


3. They Get Along with Other Pets: When a new pet is brought into a home, the pet must get along well with the family. Golden Retrievers are quick to warm up to your other household pets, including cats or other smaller animals. You can also knit your other pets in our sweaters or blankets if you want!
4. They’re Easy to Train:  because they are intelligent and are avid learners; and very eager to impress their owners, which is why Goldens always give their best in learning. Make sure to exercise with your Golden Retriever using our comfy Custom Dog Pants!


Ordering a Sweater Hound Product for Your Golden Retriever

Ordering is easy! Just select a Sweater Hound Product, choose from our designs, upload a photo of your dog, and we’ll get to work.

Haven’t you made up your mind? Here are some of the adorable Golden Retriever Sweaters we have done!



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