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Dog Breeds: German Shepherd

Dog Breeds: German Shepherd

Usually considered dogkind’s finest multipurpose worker, the German Shepherd is a big, active and powerful dog of noble personality and high intelligence.

They’re loyal, courageous, steady and good-looking; the German Shepherd is truly a dog lover’s delight and a perfect candidate to knit onto a Sweater Hound Sweater

Benefits of Having a German Shepherd as Your Furry Friend

  1. Highly Intelligent: They top the list of the most intelligent dogs, so they respond very well to training (and playing with them can also be fun!).
  1. Extremely Loyal: This breed is always prepared to give his life for the owner and the entire family especially children, so what better way to honor them than by knitting yours into a Sweater Hound Product
  1. Excellent Guard Dog: They’ll protect your home and children and will always alert you when someone breaks into your house.

  1. Good personality: This dog has a personality that is watchful, obedient and courageous. It is also confident, alert and curious making it an excellent family dog or pet.
  2. Easy to train: This dog is extremely active and an equally intelligent dog that responds well to training. Make sure to exercise with your German Shepherd using our comfy Custom Dog Pants!

Ordering a Sweater Hound Product for Your German Shepherd

Ordering is easy! Just select a Sweater Hound Product, choose from our designs, upload a photo of your dog and we’ll get to work.

Haven’t you made up your mind? Here are some of the adorable German Shepherd Sweaters we have done!


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