How It All Started

About Sweater Hound

Howdy!  My name is Amy and I am the founder of Sweater Hound.  Sweater Hound was started out of my love of animals and specifically my own dog, Harley.  Harley is considered a member of our family and when I went looking for cute and unique ways to wear Harley, I realized that nothing that I was looking for existed.

Having spent the last fifteen years developing and designing product for large retailers such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales and most recently Stitch Fix, I decided to make the product if I couldn’t find it.

After many months of hard work, I was able to find the most amazing manufacturers.

Every item on our website is designed, created and made with love by me.  I love the products that I create and hope you love them as well.

Our goal is that you will wear your sweater or hoodie out and people will compliment you on it and you can proudly say this is my dog and it is one of a kind made especially for me.

♥️ Amy