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French Bulldogs aka Frenchies

French Bulldogs aka Frenchies

These loving dogs are usually well-behaved around other animals and visitors, often looking for an open lap to cuddle on.

They are bred to be companions due to their loving personality and a perfect puppy to knit onto a Sweater Hound Sweater!

Benefits of Having a French Bulldog as your furry friend

  1. They are also fairly calm and polite to other residents around, and so you will never worry about being shunned by fellow apartment dwellers. You can also knit your puppy face in our sweaters or blankets if you want!

  2. These dogs are relatively easygoing and just more comfortable to handle in training.  Make sure to exercise with your French Bulldog using our comfy Custom Dog Pants!

  3. They prefer to snuggle with their owner or relax on the couch, taking a brisk walk once or twice a day sufficient enough to keep them healthy. 

Ordering a Sweater Hound Product for Your French Bulldog

Ordering is easy! Just select a Sweater Hound Product, choose from our designs, upload a photo of your dog and we’ll get to work.

Haven’t you made up your mind? Here are some of the adorable French Bulldog Sweaters we have done!

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