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Top Reasons why having a pet at home is an excellent idea for the whole family!

Top Reasons why having a pet at home is an excellent idea for the whole family!

If you have a pet or several, you are surely a happy person. But now this happiness seems to be certified by scientific studies that, besides, reveal that living with pets makes their owners healthier.

This research by the Miami University of Ohio (United States) points out that pet owners have higher self-esteem, are more physically fit and tend to be less lonely and fearful and more outgoing.

The researchers concluded that companion animals produce psychological and physical benefits in their owners and are an essential source of social support. And that, beyond the already demonstrated help they provide to people with different health problems, positive consequences are also manifested in healthy people.

All family members, both young and old, can benefit from them. Animals allow us to improve our empathy, our sense of responsibility, our communication and feelings expression skills, and our relationship with the environment.

Benefits for the little ones in the house

Having a pet at home will teach them:

- Respect: Learning about boundaries when the pet is eating, and sleeping will develop respect for others in young children, which is a difficult skill to learn at a young age.

- Self-esteem: When pets show unconditional love, it boosts a child's self-esteem. Being responsible also develops self-esteem in young children.

- Loyalty: Pets are very loyal and an excellent example of how to treat others that are important to help internal motivation while caring for their animals.

- Empathy: Children growing up with a pet do so with more compassion towards animals and more understanding in general.

- Patience: Sometimes bonding with a pet takes time, as well as teaching tricks and learning proper behavior.


Six benefits a pet bring all of us

  1. It favors the activity: Having a pet (especially if it is a dog) can mean, for many people, a reason to go outside and take several walks every day. Especially crucial in people who follow a sedentary life or with little willpower to move.
  1. It helps us to structure our time: The human being needs a routine to function correctly and feel safe and confident. If we have a companion animal, we will be the ones who will provide this daily routine, which at the same time, we will also be structuring our days.
  1. It helps us express our emotions: A companion animal is an inexhaustible source of affection. At the same time, it teaches us to express feelings such as love, among others.
  1. A pet reduces stress levels, lowers the pressure just by stroking it, and reduces anxiety: If you arrive exhausted, overwhelmed, or with too many loads, your pet will always make you forget them for a moment.
  1. The company of a pet reduces the feeling of loneliness, and you will always have a reason to return home: Not only children are benefited, but also the elderly and those who live alone can find reasons to continue fighting in a small animal. 
  2. Pets can provide you with a new social network: You will meet people with similar interests at the dog park, dog shows, and other neighbors when you are out walking your dog (especially if you’re wearing our Custom Puppy Sweaters!)

The pets are great! Don't you think? If you are happy with your little furry friend(s) you can show them your love proudly and shop one of our Custom Blankets or by wearing them in our Customer Sweaters, Custom Pants or Custom Hoodies!

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